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Sip and Style Class Review | Salon Adelle | Greenville, SC

Let us tell you about our most recent Sip and Style Class!

On September 11, 2015, Salon Adelle hosted our Sip and Style class. We asked all of our ladies to bring their tools to learn on, and we suggested tools for the ladies who needed help choosing. The first half hour included a lesson with Adelle on technique and the second half hour consisted of hands on training with Virginia and Bailey. Everyone sipped champagne and we loved spending a night with all of our favorite girls! Check out some of the ladies’ thoughts on the class:

Ghisela: “I enjoyed the way it was thought the class. It allowed me to learn with the hands on. The ladies were very helpful all the time. I learned it to the point that it is taking me less time and have better results than the first class. I’m looking forward to the next class because I noticed improvements after the 2nd class. So I believe by my 3rd class, I’ll become a master.”

Catherine: “It was helpful to finally have stylists take the time to walk you through styling your own hair so that you can actually recreate the same look at home. All of the girls at Salon Adelle are patient and want you to be able to have the best looking hair not only when you leave the salon, but everyday in between your visits! The class was a lot of fun and very informative!”

Heather: “I am nothing short of amazed by the ladies at Salon Adelle once again. As if making my hair gorgeous isn’t enough, they actually set aside time to invite customers and friends to the salon during off-hours and take the time SHOW us how to get the same style you leave the salon with at HOME. It was a super fun night hanging with these gals and my girlfriends. Who knew you could really get those beautiful waves in your hair with the right flat iron!!! If you aren’t getting your hair done here, you are truly missing out. Its an experience… Its like a family. Better yet, they have mastered Customer Intimacy! Thanks Ladies!”

Mary Lucy: “I loved the Sip and Style class because I learned how to recreate salon curls at home. It’s so helpful that you taught us with our own tools. It was also helpful how attentive you were. You made sure to give each of us the “little” tips that make such a “big” difference. I never thought my hair could hold curl, let alone gorgeous curls until the class!”

Dana Crane: “I loved having the opportunity to attend the sip and style class. This was my first time having a professional’s guidance in the dos and donts using both a curling iron and a flat iron. I would have never achieved beautiful curls without the instruction of Adelle and her fabulous team! They were welcoming, patient, and excited about teaching techniques for amazing results in their clients. So grateful to Salon Adelle for always making my salon experience an incredible one!”

Emily Fissette: “I throughly enjoyed the Sip and Style hosted by the team of wonderful ladies at Salon Adelle. Before attending I had never curled my hair. I had purchased a curling iron for the event but found out it wasn’t the right one for my hair. After the Sip and Style, I now know how to curl my hair with a modern look and curl. The Salon Adelle Sip and Style was a great learning experience and lots of fun! The ladies were so helpful answering questions and provided different techniques that were beneficial to each, individual client. If you have the chance, you should definitely attend their next event.”

We love all of our clients so much and we love getting to show you guys how to recreate your salon look at home! Everyone be on the lookout for our next class coming soon!


Much Love,

The Salon Adelle Ladies

Sip and Style Class 2015