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How to Prevent Thinning Hair | Salon Adelle

First I want to say I am extremely excited about the upcoming Salon Adelle Customer Appreciation Party on November 16th!!! Dont forget to RSVP by Nov 4th!!! You can either email, text me, or RSVP through facebook 🙂

I am about to share with you a secret for hair growth — whatever your age, gender and hair issues, DS Laboratories has invented the latest technology that offers high-performance technology for healthy scalp, renewed growth, great density and radiant shine.

I know I myself worry about the future of my hair especially being in the hair industry… “what if I start thinning or my hair falls out?” Hair to women is EVERYTHING! By the age of 30, (which I will be turning Jan 15! YIKES!!) women start to see a loss of volume, shine, strength, and elasticity. By the age of 50, half of all men show signs of male pattern baldness. For both men and women, every day becomes a bad hair day.

This is of course what got me into hair extensions. I wanted to give women what they never could achieve naturally. But one of the problems I am seeing is I can give most women a really great head full of hair from the ears down, but what about the top?? This has really been a burden on my heart so I have been working with my product rep to help me find the BEST company on the market for hair thinning, but mostly something that is specifically designed for women with hormonal, stress, and medicinal hair damage. Well… I have GREAT news!

Justin finally came to me with THE product I have been searching for. His boss has been using it himself for over a year and can testify that these products do exactly as they have been designed to do. I have taken the weekend to learn all about DS Laboratories, what they are all about and how they made each product. I am blown away by it. I am going to go into detail about some of this, so if the email is a little long, I do apologize for that, but I had to get this info out to everyone asap as I am so excited about it!

There are several other products on the market and one in particular I myself have been recommending to some of you. But lets compare a regular box TV to a new LCD, LED, Plasma TV. Is there any comparison other than they project an image? No there isn’t. These new products are the new Plasma TV’s. Not that there was anything wrong with those other products (ex. Nioxin) but the technology is old and really out dated. (I have included links to the websites so you can read about them yourself)
This unique scalp-stimulating products of DS Laboratories not only clean and condition gently but also treat delicate hair follicles for optimum growth. They deliver unequaled performance because they feature cutting-edge technology. So whatever your issues, these products not only make your hair look and feel better but also grow stronger and faster–Even when subjected by brutal environments, attacked by harsh styling, withered by stress and affected by hormones.
Here is a link to a video you should definitely watch about the shampoo.  (click the image below)


I am only going to talk about the shampoo and conditioner in this email… but there are so many more options for those that need it. (If you know of someone struggling with thinning hair, send them my way because I WANT TO HELP!)

REVITA IS THE MOST EFFICIENT hair-stimulating shampoo–the ultimate achievement of DS Lab’s cutting-edge plant-based stem cell research–and now it comes specially formulated for different needs for each person.

What is does:

  • Applies known hair stimulants (Biotin–a vitamin necessary for healthy scalp and hair growth. Apple Polyphenol–promotes growth at the hairline as well as at the vertex. Nano copper peptides (amino acids)–stimulate keratin production, increase diameter, and contribute anti aging and anti-inflamatory properties. Spin Traps–detoxify free radicals. Taurine–applies activities similar to minoxidil. Caffeine–stimulates follicles to grow. Inositol–prevents nutritional deficiency. Niacinamide–conditions. Stem Cells–facilitate growth by helping follicles to regenerate. Tyrosine–supports healthy follicular function.)
  • Combines ingredients to maintain scalp vitality and act against follicular dysfunction.
  • Contains no sodium lauryl sulfate or other detergents linked to irritation and hair loss.
  • Includes only premium ingredients in high concentrations.
  • Uses a chemical-free extraction process.
  • Provides antioxidant benefits.
  • Has anti-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) effects
  • Contains powerful hydrating molecules.
  • Builds hair with structural amino acids.
  • Employs plant-based stem cells with healing properties.
  • Inhibits DHT the primary hormone that triggers baldness
  • Encapsultes compounds in bio-adhesive microspheres, penetrating deeper and persisting longer to work better.
  • Adheres even while sweating and swimming.
  • keeps working for 12+ hours

So that pretty much says it all in just the above bullet points. (pulled from the website) It is obvious to me that this company has gone to a much greater length to find what works and keeps working for women struggling with thinning hair.Kristen and I have pamphlets that you are welcome to read next time you are in the salon and encourage you to do so! We will answer all your questions the best that we can and if we don’t know the answer we will do the research to find it out! I know this email was long and had a lot of info in it, but if you are struggling with your hair thinning for whatever reason, I know that the time it took to research and write this email is ALL worth every second!

I love you all and looking forward to a REALLY GREAT PARTY coming up on NOVEMBER 16th !!!! Dont forget to RSVP!

Much Love,

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Revita Stimulating Shampoo for hair growth