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Keep Your Hair Color from Fading—Color Proof Your Hair!

The NEW Color Proof Technology! We are giving you some amazing tips to keep your hair color from fading!

Color Proof COLOR Technology!!

From the same person that brought us PureOlogy in 2001, Jim Markham is now bringing us ColorProof in 2014. Our hair color fades for a couple different reasons as simple as washing your hair… Now clearly we can’t stop washing our hair, but we can change what we’re washing it with. With the new technology in this line that is tackling the specific reasoning for color fading you will never have to worry about your color after your hair appointment.

UVA and UVB rays, not just from a tanning bed but also just from everyday sunshine is one cause for our hair color fading, but ColorProof is heliogenal, meaning it is designed specifically to protect your hair from these unavoidable rays. Another reason your hair color is fading could be from heat styling, for example your curling iron, straightener, or even your blowdryer. Don’t worry though because NEW Flex Shield technology is in ColorProof, and it’s a revolutionary polymer that is going to protect your hair and color from heat styling up to 450 degrees. As it was mentioned before, you shampoo can be stripping your color as well; shampoos usually have harsh ingredients that are stripping the pigments from the hair follicle gradually causing fading. However, ColorProof’s shampoos and conditioners, along with the rest of the line, are sulfate free, salt free, as well it contains other ingredients that fight hair color from fading.

Color proof is designed specifically for color treated hair, but it is also filled with vegetable based proteins that will help strengthen and repair your hair at the same time. Now, we could go on and inform you of a lot more awesome benefits this line has, like the fact it’s gluten free and 100% vegan, I can even wrap it up in a pretty bow and sell it to you, but as Jim Markham once said “packaging sells it once, performance sells it twice”. So don’t miss out on the newest generation of color care, and see for yourself why we love it.  Kepp your hair color from fading and get COLOR Proof!!!

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