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Want Thick, Longer Hair? Hair by Adelle

So I recieved this comment on my blog the other day that caught my attention… and made me laugh a little bit :)…

“I’m glad that I have full thick hair and don’t need extensions.
Sometimes having lots of super thick hair is a pain in the butt,
but I just can’t ever imagine paying so much for some hair extensions.”

I can tell you exactly why she feels this way… and she even says it. Its because she already has thick, healthy hair. Over 3/4 of my clientele has really fine hair that just wont grow, or has had some severe damage to their hair due to over processing or colors on top of colors… Therefore giving them the reason to REALLY NEED hair extensions. In this case, I know I would pay ANYTHING to have great hair…especially if I am physically not able to grow it myself! Of course, all of you that have met me are thinking,”how does she know this??? She has really great hair already!” I know this because I have not always had good hair and needed extensions to help me grow my own hair out 🙂 Extensions gave me the confidence I needed to get through the really rough stage of growing my hair out, and also making me feel amazing about myself! To a woman, hair is everything!!! If you wake up and have a really bad hair day, it will ruin your whole day… I know a lot of you are shaking your heads thinking,”that is SO true!” It really is the truth! Thats the part about my job that I just LOVE!!! I love to give that extra confidence to a woman that has never experienced a GREAT hair day! Not only that, but being able to do it day after day looking great all the time. That is something that if you already have “good” hair, you will NEVER be able to understand. I cannot wait to share with everyone all the emails I have been receiving to enter the photo shoots contest! I have cried, laughed and re-read all of them! They all have touched my heart and they will touch yours too!

And then… there is the price. After what I just said, I would pay anything to have great hair every single day! Even though some think my price is too high, or “outrageous”… I am much, much lower than our surrounding cities. I also plan on staying in the price bracket I am for as long as I possibly can! 🙂 I had someone tell me the other day…”Your prices are much too high since I know the cost of the hair. You are way over-charging” The only thing I have to say to that is…Do you walk into Ruth’s Chris steak house and demand to know why their steaks are $60 when Bilo sells them for $10 each??? No, you GO to Ruth’s Chris for the experience you will get, the service you will receive and the pampering you feel while doing it. THAT is the reason my prices are what they are. I am not for everyone, and I am OK with that… With that being said, (big smile…) Here are 2 amazing women that I had this week.

Reason for coming to HBA: She has thinning hair in her family history and has been thinning out over the years. Some might say she has good hair already, but it wasnt the hair she once had. Extensions are perfect for her to give her the thickness she needs as well as the length she has wanted for a long time 🙂

Reason for coming to HBA: Katie has had a bad experience with bleaching. She use to have long hair in high school, but her hair is fine, and she wants it to be lighter than her natural color. Unfortunately with bleach and fine hair, you end up with damage. Over several years of damage, her hair just quit getting any longer before breaking off. She also had a good friend, Nikki, that is also one of my extension clients!


All for now… Have a GREAT weekend! ~adelle