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The Top 10 Reasons to Get the Hair of Your Dreams

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to getting hair extensions. I am going to talk about the pros in this blog since this is what we specialize in. Extensions are growing in popularity ever single year.

1 out of every 5 women has some type of need for hair extensions. Isn’t that interesting? So if you are still struggling with whether or not extensions are right for you,  Here are my top 10 reasons that just might convince you to take the jump and get that amazing hair your have always wanted!

  1. Extensions can make your damaged fried hair look healthy and amazing. Extensions, if applied correctly, can cover up a lot of “bad looking” hair from underneath and make it appear to be in good condition. This also allows for your hair to get a break from all the daily wear and tear from heat, environment, etc. 
  2. Long healthy hair will make you feel sexy again. Have you been feeling down about yourself and your appearance mainly centering around your hair?  Well I know for a fact that extensions can make you feel amazing again whether its just for volume or extra length.
  3. Extensions can allow you to escape from that awful short haircut you just got, while allowing your hair to grow out in the process of wearing extensions.
  4. You have the ability to get the celebrity look without waiting months to achieve it. You can lengthen your hair without the horrible in between stages of the growing out process.
  5. Adds awesome volume to fine, thin hair.
  6. Extensions hold curl very well. When you fix your hair with extensions, if will actually STAY fixed that way without falling or looking frizzy in just a short while.
  7. This is a huge one, They can make you look younger. If you and your stylist pick the right length for your face and body shape, it can drastically change how old you look.
  8. They are great for those that just cannot grow long hair. If you have fine, thin hair then you have the perfect hair for extensions!
  9. Extensions are great for trying new styles without cutting or growing your own hair. You have a lot more freedom to experiment when you have extensions.
  10. It can be cost effective. If you bypass the cheap alternatives and opt for the outstanding quality of real  hair extensions, you will be investing in your new look for a long time to come. No one will know you’ve got extensions unless you choose to tell them. If you opt for the top quality real hair extensions you can get the best possible look.

Now that I’ve mentioned at least a few you were already thinking about, its time to take the first step in getting your extensions. Call us at 864-787-6668 to set up an audit to go over all the past history, future possibilities, and investments associated with this service. Let us take you on a journey with your hair, that you’ll be asking yourself “What took me so long to do this!?” after you see your extensions for the first time.

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These are the NEW Natural Beaded Rows Extensions, Also known as Hand-tied Extensions.

Hair by Heather Ludwigsen

NBR Extensions at Salon Adelle

NBR Extensions for fullness and Length

Hair by Heather Ludwigsen

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